The technology within the technology.

Our measurement technologies deliver accuracy and reliability in hospital MRI machines around the world, pipelines in remote areas of Russia, the oil sands of Canada, and even in space exploration equipment, as well as in countless other applications where precision matters.

Photon Control Industries Optical Temperature Sensors
Optical Temperature Sensors

Our Optical Temperature Sensors include: Various temperature converters along with fast-response temperature measurement Immersion probes, Contact probes, and Life Science probes.

Photon Control Industries Spectroscopy

Our spectrometers facilitate measurements in the ultra-violet (UV), visible and near-infrared wavelengths, ranging from chemical composition and quantification to color measurement and radiometry.

Photon Control Industries Focus®2.0 Optical Flow Meter
Focus®2.0 Optical Flow Meter

Our optical flow meter is the only laser technology to reach industrial flow metering applications.